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If  you are looking for ways to monetise you mobile app then here you can have a quick view of what your options are.

1. Freemium is the buzzword

Fremium is the way of giving  free version of a app with less features as compared to the paid version of the application. This way you are able to show a “trailer” to your audience and then convince them to buy the complete app. This works really well with games but might create a image issue with the utility apps as the user might end up thinking that its the complete app. Angry bird games is the best example of this strategy. According to Mashable:-

[box color=blue]According to a study by app marketing consultant Distimo, the average selling price of games in major app stores declined 28% over the last year, while the revenue generated by the most successful freemium (or “lite”) games increased tenfold during this period in the Apple App Store for iPhone.[/box]

2. In-App Purchase

If you are playing a free game and you want to buy a gun available in the store and it asks you to pay for it then thats is called in-app purchase. You can setup your own store and put up things for sale.

3. In-App Advertising

Apart from the above two options you can also tie-up with advertisement publisher like ad-mob or in-mobi to display adds inside your application. This works more or less the same way web advertisements work. This can also be added source of revenue for you mobile app.

If you would like to explore then you can set up an appointment with one of our consultants here.

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