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Uber Of X or Uber of Everything

Uber of X or Uber of everything is a growing trend and now it has touched almost all aspects of the traditional services. And if you think that there is some service which can be “bundled” into “uber format” don’t worry somebody might already be coding away to meet their launch deadlines. However, the term itself is an outcome of creative press pundits and we should thank them for providing us with an easy binary.

Uber being one of the hottest companies in the world has helped spin a new industry of “on-demand delivery” of anything and everything that can, well actually be delivered. We as a mobile app developer gets tons of request to build “Uber of x”. We sometimes discourage them by telling them that the idea that they are toying with has already been executed. Some get discouraged but some stick to the guns to prove their point.

For the ease of our readers we have sourced some articles which will surely help them discover what is already there in the market. This particular page by ProductHunt team is awesome, it lists all possible “uber of x” startups/companies currently in operation.

This Quora thread can also be of your interest for discovering “Uber of x” startups in possible your area of interest.

A quick list is :-

Awesome Uber-for-X apps:
Sprig, Munchery, SpoonRocket, Push for Pizza: Uber for food.
Foxtrot, Minibar: Uber for alcohol.
Hotel Tonight: Uber for last minute hotels.
YPlan: Uber for last minute events.
Nimbl: Uber for cash delivery.
Homejoy, Handybook, Exec (acquired by Handybook): Uber for home cleaning.
Vatler, ZIRX: Uber for valet-ing your car.
Plowz and Mowz: Uber for lawn mowing.
Lyft: Uber with fist bumps and pink mustaches.
Postmates: Uber for courier services.
BloomThat, Proflowers, Floristnow: Uber for flowers.
SixDoors: Uber for flowers and gifts.
Icecream.io: Uber for ice cream.
Eaze, Canary, Meadow: Uber for marijuana delivery
Flywheel, MyTaxi, Hailo, Taxi Hawk : Uber for taxis.
Zeel, Unwind, Soothe: Uber for massages.
Tablelist, BottlesTonight: Uber for nightclubs (bottle service).
Instacart: Uber for grocery shopping.

Just incase you not discouraged that somebody else is building your idea but you think you still want to build it then get in touch ! Let’s build something awesome. 

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