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Top 5 trends mobile app development 2017

From last 6 years we have been accurately predicting the trends in mobile app development. For 2017 we are little hesitant because of the neck breaking speed technology has changed in last 3 quarters and the trend is being continued. We believe we can only predict for half a year or so, rest will be a moonshot which we decline to take. However here are the major mobile app development trends that we feel you should watch for:-

1: IoT mobile app integration: 2016 was big for IoT and 2017 is going to be huge. There will be 6.4 billion connected gadgets worldwide. The Internet of Things is shaping mobile app future trends since almost every IoT solution needs a dedicated application enabling users to manage smart devices. If you are wondering what IoT is then do check this article for some more interesting insights.

2: AR will be more “real”: Till now AR used more for entertainment or promotional purposes but 2017 will see some serious work being done in this space of real utility application. If you are interested in this space, do follow these two news sources Mashable &  Robert Scoble.

3: Android Instant Apps: Android Instant Apps act as a sort of bridge between web apps and native Android applications by allowing users to run specific parts of applications without needing to install the whole thing. It was announced in the last year Google I/O and is very much expected to pickup this year. Click here to know more about Android Instant Apps .

4: Wearable will gain more currency: Wearable tech will start gaining more traction and will tilt towards necessity rather then just a fashion statement. Especially we are expecting some good app integration and implementation in the healthcare industry.

5: AI is here and very much a reality: Chatbots are not pipe dream anymore. They are real and are available on all the platforms. Similar apps based on Artificial intelligence will gain more traction and we should look forward for some very interesting app implementation very soon.

As the year progress we will update this article on Top 5 trends mobile app development 2017 .

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