Scope of Work: Stage 3 of Mobile App Development Process 2017

Guide to Mobile App Development Process: Stage 3, Scope of Work

Finalizing what needs to be developed and when.

We assume that you have already crossed the stage 2 of mobile app development process and short-listed the developer. And now you are ready to start the mobile app development. But before you do so you need to have a complete scope of work with a detailed development schedule. Here, is the list which will help you prepare for this stage:-
1) Ask for a detailed scope of work with a clear development schedule.
2) Request for important milestones and keep it to a minimum of four.
3) Ask for deliverable for each milestone & base your payment plan on that.
4) Ensure that there is a good scope of testing in the schedule.
5) Request for a single point of contact from the development team.

Now, you have a contract copy with all the above details. This is that stage of mobile app development process which will take you on a long journey, so before signing on the dotted lines you should have checked following things because it will be hard for you to turn back and correct things:-
1) Is the contract complete as per the afore mentioned 5 points.
2) Is the mode of payment clear?
3) Is the definition of deliverable clear and acceptable?
4) Does the milestones fit in well according to the entire business plan?
5) Are the legal aspects clear to you?
6) Read through the fine print and ensure you get the source code of the app.
7) Ensure there is clear testing plan to fix the reported bugs.

Ther are a lot of interesting tools available in the market now which can help you keep a track of the work and help you in communication. You can check out Teamwork & Slack for the same. Both of them provide a mobile app and you can keep an eye on your project as it progresses from the comfort of your phone.

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Do List
+ Read contract carefully and request for amendments if necessary.
+ Request for a contract walk-through if required.
+ Check the feature list once again for the last time. 🙂
+ Be ready for at least 10-15 % variation in cost and time.

Don’t List
Nothing as such, just focus on the “Do List” 🙂


For rest of the stages just download our eBook on complete mobile app development process here or read our previous blog post on the topic here.