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Nokia Qt SDK is the way forward for Nokia development as it future-proofs the next generation devices. We can help you develop applications for the Nokia platform and reach out to the largest mobile user base.

With 50 million + users audience and expected 300 million by 2012 Nokia Ovi Store is one of the biggest App Stores nowadays. What’s more important – there is virtually no competition on Ovi store right now making it an early gold rush time for ovi developers porting applications developed for other mobile platforms, e.g. iPhone as well as leveraging on unique app ideas. Similar to Nokia, there are lots of phones based on Symbian platform which ensures compatibility of applications built for Nokia with other popular phone models produced by other manufacturers such as Sony-Erricson or Samsung.

Symbian provides a secure and reliable operating system for smart phones and is created in Symbian C++. Since Symbian C++ is used to develop the operating system, it enables developers to achieve a high level of integration with the features of Symbian devices. Some of these include manipulating contacts, accessing location information, gaining network access, creating SIP sessions and working with multimedia and 3D graphics. Apps can deliver high performance because Symbian C++ has been specifically designed for mobile devices with low power consumption characteristics and relatively small memory footprint. If you have a demanding mobile app requirement, Symbian C++ is the language that will enable you to exceed your users’ expectations.

Qt Framework

Qt allows developers to focus on features, functions and usability, while dramatically increasing productivity, portability, and maintainability.

Qt is the recommended framework for creating apps for Symbian devices because it provides mobile developers with a comprehensive set of easy to use APIs. In addition to support for the standard Qt APIs, developers benefit from the Qt APIs for Mobile Development. These APIs provide access to many of the features of Symbian, such as location information and the Contacts database. All these APIs are available on the Maemo platform and will be available on the forthcoming MeeGo devices. This makes apps truly cross-platform, offering developers a larger addressable market without additional development effort. Complementing the Qt framework, the Nokia Qt SDK provides developers with an efficient, state-of-the-art development environment, which is available for computers running Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS. With the Qt Simulator, the SDK provides tools for the complete development cycle without the need for Symbian SDKs.

Qt is a superset of standard C++ so developers can use either Qt’s or standard C++ types, or a combination of both. On the Symbian platform Qt sits on top of Symbian’s standard C/C++ compatibility layer. Qt is already used by thousands of developers, and is notable as the framework used in the popular Linux KDE desktop, Google Earth and Skype.

Qt is designed to work on any device that runs one of the following versions of Symbian:

–  S60 3.1

–  S60 3.2

–  S60 5.0 (Symbian^1)

–  S60 5.2 (Symbian^3)

Qt Advantages

–  Single cross-platform native code base

–  Quicker time-to-market

–  Cheaper maintenance costs

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