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Node js mobile web app development

Node js mobile web app development has taken the tech industry by storm. It is  is widely being regarded as the game changer in the mobile web app development for building real time and scalable products. It is a server-side solution for JavaScript, and in particular, for receiving and responding to HTTP requests. Node.js development has been backed by the adoption from the industry giants like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, Dow Jones, ebay, Sabre, LiveChat, Voxer, 37Signals, Fog Creek etc.

node js mobile web app development is catching up fast and companies who want adopt a technology which can enhance the speed of there applications. If you look at the current list of organization adopting node.js then you will understand its various application areas and the reason of its wide adoption. Node.js mobile web app development is picking up pace now and most of the large apps out there have steadily started to migrate to node.js environment.

We at MobileAppz have started node js mobile web app development practice and are currently working on multiple projects, Enterprise Chat System being closest to our hearts. If you are considering adopting node.js mobile web app development then you need to keep following things in mind :-

  • Your app need to have the capability to handle huge number of connections with other systems.
  • If your app have to interact heavily with your back end system. Like Chat systems.
  • Apps that are massively event driven and have to rely on reliable com model.
  • If you are receiving high amount of concurrent data.

Well, if all that looks exciting to you and you have node js mobile web app development requirement then do get in touch. We are also currently providing node.js developers on hire basis. We will be excitingly looking forward to connect with you.

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