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Mobile app testing services are essential in this rapidly growing mobile application development economy. We at Mobileappz offers mobile app testing services filled with challenges arising out of the huge variations in network, devices, and OS, not to mention differences in user skills.

Mobile app testing services also enable you to get those quite wanted five-star ratings on an app store from an end user. Through our years of practice, we have put together the best mobile app testing services team and have put together the best practices:

1. Testing Strategy- Having a mobile app testing services strategies in place right before the development starts helps to lay down certain guidelines which all testers are expected to follow.

2. Testing on dedicated devices- Simulators are really useful in testing but in the early stages of development only. The mobile app testing services should include a variety of actual devices because it ensures test results are realistic and gives the testing team a better idea regarding the look and feel of the app.

3. Test early and test often- A testing should be counted as a part of the complete development process as soon as development has reached a logical stage. This helps to identify issues early before they become too costly to fix.

4. Have OS preference & device list- Till date, there are more than 18,000 sorts of various Android devices that can run your mobile application plus iOS, Windows, BB etc. Freezing the complete list of all the devices and OS for your mobile app testing services team will specifically cater to and perform QA on them.

5. Automated testing- Automated app testing can increase the depth and scope of tests to help improve mobile app quality. Lengthy tests that are often avoided during manual testing can be run unattended.

6. Load balance, stress, and security testing- Load balancing, stress and security testing make your app robust and can prevent financial liabilities arising from user distress. Check for known and unknown vulnerabilities, including those arising from third party and open source software packages.

7. Observe battery consumption and inter-compatibility- Apps with power consumption most likely get deleted. By making sure how much your mobile app consumes battery will make a lot of difference.

8. Have a beta user team: By running your app through a team of real-time beta users will help you set the course of your mobile app in a whole different way.

Stats say over 50% users who encounter a bug never return. There is nothing worse than an app that loads slowly or crashes frequently. Selecting an appropriate mobile app testing service partner to grow with can make the difference between success and failure for your app.

If you have any queries for Mobile App Testing Services India or you think you don’t get all this jargon then help is just a click away. Just signup for our FREE 1 Hour Session with our app experts who will help you sail through the app development process. Happy APPing !

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