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Mobile App Prototype Developer

You need a mobile app prototype developer when you aim to quickly develop a strip down version and take it your investors, project stakeholders or your prospective users to gather some feedback. Hiring an app prototype developer will help you with following :-

1: Translate your app vision into a simple “Software Requirement Specification” or SRS

2: Put together a wireframe sketch of the app based on a minimal SRS

3: Convert the wireframe into a first cut design

4: If required put together a CMS if the app is going to be server dependent

5: Get down to building a mobile app prototype!

Our mobile app prototyping services is broadly categorised into following areas:-

Consulting: If you have a mobile or a web app idea then we will sit down and brainstorm with you to ensure that it gets into the right shape.

Analysis: We will do various analysis like technical feasibility, required R&D, monetization points and convert the whole concept into a blueprint.

Prototyping: We use cutting edge tools like Balsamiq, Justinmind, Marvelapp etc to draw an awesome prototype for your web or mobile product.

Designing: Nothing can beat a good design. If the design is inviting then it compels the user to use the app and our designers ensure that it happens.

We have seen so much demand in mobile app prototyping that we decided to float a separate division altogether to focus solely on minimum viable product prototypes. Aptly so, we named this division as  mvpguru. If you would like to setup a free consultation with us then do get in touch with us !

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