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Lets explore the right approach for Mobile App Porting.

Lets assume that “BizWhiz” is a social networking app for professionals which only exist on iOS platform now. BizWhiz  is getting popular and there is a rising demand from the users to bring it to other OS. The app is under pressure to decide the right strategy for app porting which is economical and also addresses the rising market need. Now, looking at this scenario we will take step by step approach to build for app porting:-

1) Operating System: We should invest significant time in understanding which other platform to consider for porting the application. Android without doubt should be the first target as it is one of the two most popular mobile OS. Also, we understand that this app is for business professionals and we cannot neglect the BlackBerry OS which is popular among that community but it can wait for maybe the second phase.

Conclusion: Build app for Android in the first phase and plan for BlackBerry for the second Phase.

2) Handsets: We all know that there is no major fight to make an app compatible to various devices in iOS family but when it comes to Android its a major landmine situation. We need to be careful is selecting our handsets because there is a good amount of time involved in making the app compatible to different screen sizes. In our scenario, we will build up the list based on manufactures and stick to the major ones like HTC, Samsung & LG with a fixed OS version.

Conclusion: Build a list of Handset to make the app compatible with. Choose the top 3 models from each.

3) Development: As we know the app already exist so there is not much of  brainstorming required as far as the functionality is concerned but graphics is one area that we need to really focus on. It is necessary as an app owner that you collect and keep all necessary logos, icons, screen designs, and web-services (if needed) ready so that you don’t waste time finding it. If you are providing the design make sure you sync well with the developer to ask if they need anything specific.

Conclusion: Get the graphics and other related assets in place.

4) Test Test Test : As an app owner you are the best judge of what is right and wrong in your app. So, test like crazy!


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