Mobile App Marketing Series: How to get your mobile app in the right hands?

Mobile App Marketing Tips and Techniques Series

Mobile app marketing is one of the hottest topics these days. With millions of apps on the app store and billion of downloads happening every year. It’s difficult to get your app the sunshine that it definitely needs to survive. Post mobile app development it becomes extremely important to focus on the mobile app marketing.  It is important that you create a step by step guide to making sure that you are on the right path to glory.

To begin with, we will highly recommend that you go through a detailed article put together by the Google team. This will help you understand how user discovers the app on the store and uses it. This detailed article will address two important things:-

1: How people discover apps?

2: How do they use apps?

These insights will help you plan further for app marketing. Our series on mobile app marketing will cover following topics:-

  1. Mobile App Landing Pages
  2. App Store Optimisation
  3. Content Strategy­
  4. Facebook App Marketing
  5. Twitter App Marketing
  6. Mobile App Analytics
  7. Personal Branding
  8. Earned Media­
  9. Bought Media­
  10. Owned Media­

The above topics are careful thought after consulting with experts in the app marketing industry. We also reached out to some indie app developer and publishers to understand their techniques. There are obviously ways to supercharge up your app downloads by throwing tons of money on advertisement but that is not always the right way to do it and often indie app publishers do not have that kind of budget to do advertisements for app marketing.

We are starting this app marketing series from today and will conclude this in a short period. If you don’t want to miss any of our posts just share your email id below and we will make sure that we sent you the complete series as it is published. Also, we will be sending you a complete report on app marketing ( 100 + Page guide) at the end of the series.