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Mobile App Marketing Strategy : 5 Killer tips

We understand that for mobile app focused startups mobile app marketing strategy is something that is always at the lower side of the priority list. When all the focus is on pushing the product out of the window we have seen that nobody bothers about how the app ultimately will be marketed. With years or experience (and skin in the game)  we have started encouraging our customers to share there mobile app marketing strategy. Our intention is to understand wether the effort that we are putting in the product is eventually gonna see the day of the light (or get users on board basically) or not. After-all, we are also emotionally attached with the product and the whole app making is nothing less then giving birth to a child. Seeing it being raised by “wrong hands” is always frustrating. Therefore based on our insights and the way we have watched some of our clients grow here is a top 5 possible mobile app marketing strategies :-

1: Get marketing on board at the right time: When to start reaching out to your targeted audience is important. Launching a teaser campaign is always a good idea (know your launch dates clearly before doing so) to gather steam and excitement among the user.

2: User Engagement: Money can buy downloads but not user engagement. Period. Plan your user engagement carefully and with your targeted audience clearly in mind.

3: Absolute No No for Push Notifications:Push notification is a powerful channel for nudging your users to use your app again. But if you bug your users too much and they won’t think twice before uninstalling your app, no matter how good it is.

4: Plan Incentives: Provide users with some tangible incentives to do stuff like share the app link with there frens etc so that they feel rewarded. Like in real sense !!

5: Focused Content: Write focused articles, guest post, blog posts, and on platforms where you think your target audience frequents. On the web nothing works like a good piece of engaging “read”!

This is what we could think of, if you would like to add some points to this list then please drop us a line on We will be happy to add to the list and obviously credit to you.

Incase you would like us to share our “app stories” with you then get in touch with us.

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