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Mobile App Marketing: Content Strategy

People have gone to the lengths for calling content as king. It is indeed true and therefore having a content strategy for your mobile app marketing efforts is very important. Creating content without a plan and without having the end goals in sight will create a jungle that you will have to prune down later. Systematic content growth aligned with your mobile app idea is important.

Let us create some pointers for you to work with. For us to drive the point lets create a fictitious fitness mobile app named “OYOFIT”. We will see in the below 5 pointers as to what sort of content strategy you should create:-

1: Schedule: Whatever your content generation plan is just to make sure you follow a schedule. If a blog post has to go on Monday then make sure it goes out at the same time the same day every day. This should be the cornerstone of your content strategy.

2: Theme: Create a theme calendar to create content around that.  For example, in case of Oyofit, we should create content around the importance of running. So for one week, be your blog, social media accounts, app landing page or tweaking your app store page. Everything should be centered around running. This will get you the right audience and your focus will be appreciated. Similarly, you can change the theme to something else in the following week. If you get the drift you can see a pattern emerging at the end of a month. After a quarter you will see that you have created amazing content assets for your self.

3: Engagement: The best possible platform for you to engage with your prospective and current users is Facebook and Twitter. So creating content which is “catchy” and encourages them to interact should be the priority. One of the examples can be some facts and figures around a topic. Like in case of Oyofit, sharing “10 tips” for better triceps will connect with audience quicker.Something like this.

4: Tone: Always keep the tone of your content positive. And also as you know humor travels faster than anything on the web. If you can create some fun facts or meme’s then it will really work in your favor.

5: Features: Always remember to connect every content piece with your mobile app feature. More you do this more likely it is for people to download and use your app.

Tip: Making a list of your competitive apps and watching what they are doing is a good springboard for you. Remember all the content that you create should be aligned with your app landing pages and app store optimisation efforts.  

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