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Mobile App Marketing: App Store Optimisation

App store optimisation (ASO) should be the cornerstone of your mobile app marketing strategy. ASO is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store (such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play ). Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps. It has been proven time & again with substantial data that ASO is the most effective to increase your app downloads.

Some stats to understand why App store optimisation is important:-

app store optimisation tips and strategy

There are various method for App store optimisation but the key methods are:-

1: Conversion Rate Optimisation: It is a systematic way to understand and improve the steps a user takes to achieve the desired goals on your website.

2: Appstore Keyword Optimisation: Optimising the keywords in the app’s metadata so that it remains most relevant to the user is keyword optimisation.

Leaving the scientific and bookish explanation aside lets dive into some actionables. Here is our tried and tested top 5 app store optimisation tips:-

1: Understand your customers: Remember the old adage? Create personas of your users as many as you can and see how they will search for your app. Create a survey group, interview them and record their input in an excel sheet. This will give you a fair list of keywords to experiment with. And also use a keyword explorer to create a list of keywords for app store optimisation.

2: Learn from the competition: Create a list of your possible competition and see what they are doing on the app store. You can get pretty good insight by looking at the images, titles, description available on the app store. Don’t copy them just learn from them and see how you can better it.

3: Naming your App: Choosing the right app name is the stepping stone towards concurring the app store. Easy to spell, hint of your business, short etc are some important ingredients. And when you are setting app the title make sure you use the keyword in the title. For example, “PetaFood- Your friendly pet food store”.

4: Mobile App Description: The rule of writing the app description is exactly the way do for SEO driven content for websites. Sprinkle the keywords, writing compelling copy, provide examples and create a list of core features of the app. For inspiration check how Google writes a description for its own apps.

5: App Icon: App icon is the first visual element that hits the users eyes. Do we even need to tell you that it has to be awesome not just great? But make sure you test it well with various background inside the phone before locking it down. There are various services available for you to do the same.

Tip: Having a coupon code is a very effective to entice the user to download and test your service. If you have one display it prominently on the app store and also on the mobile app landing pages

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