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Mobile App Landing Pages for your mobile app

Having mobile app landing pages for your mobile app is a must. For the world to know that you have launched a mobile app then it’s a must that you have a mobile app landing page outlining the core features of the app. This is the most important step that you take after your mobile app development is over. There are a lot of app landing page creators in the market. You can use them or you can also create your own landing page using various themes available on the web.

Some of the mobile app landing pages creators that we have tested and recommend are:-

1: Unbounce

2: AppLandr 

3: Strinkgly 

4: Lander App

5: App-site

The import aspects of App Landing Pages are :-

1: Features: Always keep the focus on the core features of the app. Don’t confuse the user by giving a complete lowdown of the app.

2: Problem: Always focus on the problem that your app is solving.

3: Screenshots: Provide good quality screenshots of the app of the most important features of the app.

4: Explainer Video: If you have created an app explainer vide then it is fantastic ide to showcase that on the app landing pages.

5: Download: Spread the app download button judiciously at the important section of the website. Remeber to link them to the app store.

Also, don’t forget to connect your website with all of your social media accounts so that it becomes easier for your visitors to spread the word.

Tip: Running a Giveaway like discounts, coupons, gifts etc on your app landing pages is a good idea. This attracts the users and also helps in spreading the word faster about your mobile app. 

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