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Mobile App Development Experts At Mobileappz

As our name clearly states, we are a fully focused and dedicated mobile app development company. Unlike other service companies, our complete focus is on mobile app development for various operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and also cross-platform development. Because of our focus and mobile app development experts we have developed our unique way of handling and successfully fighting the technical challenges mobile app development throws up.

We are your “goto” consultants for all your mobility services requirements

Mobileappz’s service covers the full spectrum of mobile app development, testing, distribution, and app marketing strategy. Our mobile app development experts provide following services:-

Mobile app strategy development

Through our unique “mobile app prototyping” techniques we first work on building the right mobile strategy for you keeping in mind your core business problems, competition, and processes. You can also explore our independent division MVPGURU for mobile app prototyping.

iPhone app development

Choosing the right platform is itself a decision that can’t be taken on the fly. This needs careful planning and strategising. However, iOS (iPhone & iPad) being the most sophisticated and stable platform is mostly the first choice of startups, enterprise business, and indie app developers.

Android app development

When its comes to scale, reach and cost factor, Android is almost always is the first choice. We help you choose the right target device, OS version, screen sizes to support etc

Web app development

Most of the apps are backend driven, that where the “brain” of the app resides. Our web app development team takes care of developing and executing the backend to the exact need of the mobile app including secure and effective API/Web service development.

Deployment, Distribution and User Training

Our experienced and dedicated team also helps you in mobile app deployment, app distribution and also creating an effective implementation/training for user adoption.

Mobile App Marketing

We also assist our clients in mobile app marketing which includes services like mobile app landing page development, app store optimisation, and various other mobile app marketing services.

Sow how do I go about hiring your Mobile App Development Team?

We will be happy to assist you in your Mobile App Development project and therefore suggest you fill the form below and our Mobile mobile app consultants will set up a free consultation session for you.