Mobile app development cost

Article in the app development cost 2017 series.

Mobile app development cost

If you are planning to build an app then the mobile app development cost is a gray area that you wish to gain insights on. With this article series, we aim to demystify this important question.

When you dream of building something the first question that kicks in the reality is the cost of building it. Making an app is no different. Mobile app development cost consists of so many factors that it makes it complex to calculate the exact figures. However, if we look at various cost heads within the mobile app development process then we will be able to understand and control the app development cost.

We are going to divide this entire post into following 6 cost heads and dedicate a separate post for each of them. This will help you understand this in depth and will surely help you make your mobile app idea a reality. So, some of the most important cost heads involved in mobile app development process are :-

1: Planning & Documentation 

2: Wireframing & Prototyping

3: Mobile app Designing

4: Mobile app development & platforms

5: Mobile app testing

6: Mobile app maintenance

These are some of the core cost heads for mobile app development and we are going to cover a lot of other finer details in respective cost including tips on how you can reduce your app development costs. I am sure you might have tried those nifty app cost calculators floating around on the web, but honestly, they do a very poor job of even giving you a ball park of your app development cost. They have based on the principle of a A la carte as if developers are just going to “drag and drop” and make an app for you. What they do not take into consideration is the customization and unique user experiences that you are trying to weave into your mobile app.

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