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Mobile App Designers in Sydney

Everybody wants to create beautiful things and mobile apps is no less a creative process. I was just thinking the other day that as mobile app developer what will it be like to create a curated “wish list” of designers that we would like to work with. So, I have decided to release a curated list on a weekly basis for awesome mobile app designers around the world. First, list in the series is about mobile app designers in Sydney. This list is based on the kind of work that they have done in the past. If you are in Sydney and looking for good design talent then feel free to reach out to them:-

Melissa Baillache   |    Twitter   |   Dribble 

William Nghiem     |    Website   |   Dribble      (He is an awesome illustrator)

Austin Lin   |    Website   |   Dribble 

This list for mobile app designers in Sydney is going to be a continuous effort and i will keep adding more mobile app designers to it. If you have worked with some mobile app designers in Sydney or you are a mobile app designer based in Sydney then please drop me a line at along with your dribble/portfolio link and I will be happy to add you in this list.

And if you are one of the mobile app designers who have made to this list then you can show some love to us by sharing this page on your FB or Twitter.

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