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Are you thinking of mobile app redesign?

We know how important mobile app redesign has become these days.The first 20 seconds are the most crucial in the lifecycle of an app. The user decides whether to proceed with the app based on the splash screen or the first landing screen of your app. Because they will test the app functionality later and the only things that will interest in the beginning will be the design of the app. Therefore it is very very important to make sure that you follow the right approach to mobile app design.

Offlatley we have been approached by quite a few clients who either have apps already on the app store or who got on the wrong side of design and ended up with a “sorry” design. For the ones who already have a mobile app the redesign can be slightly tricky but if carefully planned it can increase your downloads as well as your user retention.

How do we approach mobile app redesign for old apps?

We need to approach mobile app design for old apps very carefully. We recommend following paths for mobile app redesign strategy:-

1: Touch it up: The simplest way is to take an old mobile app screen design and without changing the elements just bring in new color and arrangments of the elements. This will reduce the efforts on the development side and will help you quickly get the new redesigned app out on the market. Confused? Ok see the below example

mobile app redesign company

2: Complete Redesign: Well in this approach we relook at the complete “Functionality map” of the old map and see what has worked and not worked for you in the past. We draw a detailed user journey maps for your app to conclude what should be brought into focus and what should take the side stage. Post planning the feature set, we dive deep into the product philosophy and user promises so that we can come up with a fresh color palette. Once a new color palette is decided we go ahead and create few sample screens to see how the new color and features are fitting in. If you need some inspiration for your color palette then try this website out.

So what should you do now?

Well, It’s simple, you should first create a checklist for before you embark on this mobile app redesign journey. The list should ideally cover, your design goals, important milestones, some inspirational references etc.

We are ready to redesign your app, talk to our mobile app design consultant today and set up a free consultation session over Skype.

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