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Don’t take mobile app design lightly, it is the thing that will make or break your app audience.  Talk to our mobile app design experts to know more. 

When we started out in mobile app development business 5 years back, mobile app design was not as important as it is today. Nowadays, the major difference between the success and failure of an app is its design. There are a lot of reasons for this shift, some of the major reason is the screen size, display quality and also the standards being set by the hardware manufacturers.

Due to this, the initial approach building it first and designing it later have no takers in the market. The clear focus is on the design it first and build it later philosophy. For mobile app design, you will have to keep your audience in the center and then define your design strategy. Some of the tips that you can put to use are :-

  • Wireframe it! : Please do not start designing the app without a proper sketch or a wireframe. You need to define the elements on the screen before you start designing it.
  • Get inspired: No we are are not asking you to copy some other app design. But, knowing what others are doing in the industry will definitely set a benchmark for you. A good website to check latest app design is this. 
  • Think out of the box: Have some very important function in the app that needs attention? Imagine Tinder without a swipe left or right function! The ease of doing this particular operation is the most important factor for Tinder to become so popular. Why not think of functions/gestures like that for your app?

What else? Well we make a living out of mobile app design, so spilling all our secrets here is not a good business idea. 🙂  So, set up a free mobile app design session with our team to help you create an awesome looking app.

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