Jolla Mobile Sailfish OS is almost ready to Sail. We wish the Fish.

Jolla Mobile Sailfish OS

We all know that the last best, original device with perfect curves and nerves (read OS) of steel to come out of Nokia stable was MeeGo based Nokia N9 series which was killed because of obsession named Lumia. MeeGo indeed was one of the best OS to come in recent times but the day Nokia announced that it is discontinuing its MeeGo devices, another company named Jolla took the vow of ensuring that MeeGo rises from its ashes (Thanks to them !). MeeGo in its new avatar is named as Sailfish, and way the reports have been coming out it surely have the looks which can kill. Though a lot depends on the choice of hardware, distribution, sales support etc but one thing is sure that there is a huge community of people like us who are eagerly waiting for Sailfish to get launched, which will certainly help Jolla push its product ahead. We are prepaired to roll out couple of apps quickly for this brand new platform the moment SDK is released. Why? For the love of it..sheer love. ( May you born as a geek again and know what we mean )

Good Luck Fish! May you Sail Through the Rough Seas Ahead !

You can enlighten yourself more about the OS and what it promises in this video :-

Official Video of SailFish by Jolla Mobile

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