How to get your mobile app idea funded?

Get You Mobile Funded the right way.

Get your mobile app funded the right way. To self fund your mobile app or to get it funded is something that you need to decide before dreaming of becoming an “appillionaire” . There are various ways to get your mobile app funded, some of them are:

1) Self Funding: You raise capital from your own savings or from your friends and family. This is a good option if the fund required to execute the idea is low and you are doing it on the sidelines.

2) Angel Investor:  If you believe that your idea is a game changer then going out and meeting potential angel investor is always a good idea. This brings a lot of experience on board and also help you hammer the idea in a good shape based on the feedback received. Also, be prepared to let go a major portion on your equity as the stakes are high for the angel investor and he will most likely demand for a large share of the pie.

3) Crowd Funding: Now this is an interesting option which is becoming popular quickly. There are lot of sites where you can put up your idea and people put in small chunk of money to finally help you reach the funding target. Some of the sites that you can check out are :-                                                                                                                

4) Equity CrowdFunding: This is very new concept gaining momentum in the United States where in you can raise fund by multiple people/organisation in exchange for certain portion of your equity. Some of the site which you can explore are :-                                                     

5) Equity Partnership: The development of an mobile app is a significant portion of your start-up cost but if you can get a development company on board as a partner then you can split the cost with them in exchange of some equity. The mobile app idea like all other ideas evolve as per the feedback’s that you receive or as you discover the market over a period of time and when it happens you certainly want a solid app development partner to walk along with you. Our company is seeking such opportunities to share the risk and build a great product together. Just drop a line on and we will contact you back.