How much does it cost to make an app?


How much does it cost to make an app ?

Complete resources to help you find out the cost of developing a mobile app.

Most of the time we talk to clients regarding their project. The first question that is asked is, How much does it cost to make an app ? Well, no one can give you the exact amount until you share the complete requirement with your developer. However, we have made it simple for you to help you communicate with your developer with this simple app development questionnaire template. Fill this up and shoot it out to your shortlisted development firm.

But before you start filling up that RFP  here are some important information that can quickly help you determine a rough ballpark estimate of developing your app:-

Simple App ( $3,000 to $10,000): Apps which do the simple transaction and have very few screens should fall in this category. In other words, you couple of simple forms to be filled and store it in a database. An example of such an app is this fundraising app.

Average App ( $10,000 to $80,000): Mobile apps that need camera, gps, or any other device interaction. These kinds of apps have user registration, user profile and some business logic around them. An example of such an app is this financial portfolio management app.

Complex App ( $ 100,000 & above): If you are planning to make next Uber or Amazon with the complex custom design then what we will classify as complex apps. These apps are built to address lakhs and millions of customer doing the transaction every moment. These apps may have a separate merchant app too. An example of such an app is this taxi hailing app.

Apart from the above points, to clearly answer how much does it cost to make an app ? , It is also important to understand the cost heads involved in the process like  design, mobile app analytics, in-app purchase, payment processing etc.

For comparative study lets see what it will take to build the basic  or MVP of these popular apps:-

(These are the rough app development estimation according to us.)

Factors involved in mobile app development cost:-

The mobile app development constitutes of various factors which affect its timeline and cost. In order for you to understand let’s assume we are building an app similar to Tinder (40-50K $) . So, in that case following cost heads will be involved:-

1: App Planning and documentation (2-3K $): This is the first and the most important step in developing an app. You should insist on getting all the aspects of the app properly documented. Like, app features, functionality, various modules involved in the app, list of third-party integration etc.

2: App wireframing (4-5K 4): Getting a sketch of the app with the complete flow, screen by screen is important. This will give you a complete clarity and a rough visual representation of the idea. This is the stage where you can minus or add some features of it. At this stage, the idea is to have a completely frozen layout and structure of the app. You can get app prototype and install on your phone and also see how the users are going to interact with the app.

3: Mobile app Design (8-10 K $): This is the most crucial stage of the product. Don’t hesitate in investing in your mobile app design. Remember, if the app looks good then there are very high chances of it getting accepted by the user and also helps you a lot in app marketing.

4: Mobile app development (18-25 K $): This is the stage where software engineers will come into picture and start writing the code for the mobile app to make it functional. They will infuse all the business logic, flow, user experiences etc into the app. this is a time taking process. As in the case of native mobile app development, the development will be done on iPhone and android separately.

5: Mobile app testing ( 4-8 K $): Once the development is over you will have to get the app rigorously tested to see if there are any bugs or error. You can also involve a third party or a different vendor for mobile app testing just to be sure so that everything is in place.

No of app screens:

There are some agencies which calculate the cost of mobile app development based on the number of screens that will be there in the mobile app. It’s fine to do so however it is not a right indicator of a cost. Because for example if a screen has only 2 components to be developed and comparatively the other screen has more work to do then the cost may differ.

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