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You have most likely landed on this page because you are either planning or about to begin hotel app development for your hotel. This article will help you to understand more about hotel app development and the most important aspects of it.

Let’s dive into some facts about why hotel app development is necessary. Let’s face the fact, the world’s travel industry is worth more than $2.5 trillion USD and is currently the fastest growing sector. Interestingly there are more than 10 million searches related to travel are carried out in Google Search per month. If you minus the transportation the major chunk of it goes in finding accommodation by the users. Needless to say, hotels are becoming more and more dependent on online travel agencies (OTA) to fill up their rooms ( and thereby dolling out huge commissions on every booking to these OTA’s).

We believe that every guest who walks into your hotel for the first time (through OTA of course) has the potential of being a loyal customer in the future. But how does go about re-booking your hotel in the future? Go back to the OTA? Call upon the hotel phone? Go to the website ( are you kidding? how archaic!) Do I need to tell you the importance of mobile apps these days? Well, i am sure you got the drift.  The world is not moving to mobile platforms, it has already moved!

In order to understand the potential of hotel app development, let us look at the various stages of the hotel guest:-

1: Pre-Stay: Most dominated by the OTA trying to woo the customer. You doll out the commission to them to get the booking.

2: During Stay: Guest is staying with you but is unaware of the various offers, restaurants, and services available to him. This is the best possible opportunity for your hotel create brand awareness as well as generate additional revenue.

3: Post Stay: Most likely you will send him a feedback email and that’s where the journey ends with the guest. And possibly also ending the opportunity for him to book you in the future. But not in the case if you have your mobile app on his phone.

So, if we can provide guests with a hotel mobile app to the user on his arrival or send the links to him when he has made a booking with OTA. We can most certainly look at following benefits through the features available in the hotel mobile app:-

  1. Check-in and Check-out                                  6. In-room Dining Ordering
  2. Hotel Information                                             7. Concierge Requests 
  3. Book Restaurants                                             8. Taxi Booking etc
  4. SPA requests                                                     9. Deals & Offers 
  5. Extend stay request                                        10. Guest Feedback & Reviews

I am sure you can figure out the benefit the guest is going to get from all the above services and feature your app will provide. Needless to say this will also help you drive some additional revenue per guest per room. Let’s see some of the examples of hotels using their own hotel apps:-

hotel app development company
If you see the above examples carefully you will notice big hotel chains to single hotel entity are benefiting from having their own hotel mobile app. Also, remember that you don’t own the customer data, you partially share it with OTA. And even if you do what are you doing with it? Sending emailers (1% return rate? ), wishing birthdays? Well, I am sure with the results that you have from these activities, I am sure you will agree that mobile app provides a  very effective way to reach a customer through push notifications with your various deals and offers ( Yes! you can wish them on their birthdays too!! ).

Well, I am kind of convinced but how much does it cost to make such an app?

We at Mobileappz understand that it’s not possible for every hotelier to invest time and money in building such a large service delivery mobile app. Therefore we have done the heavy lifting and created multiple modules which can be plugged to create custom apps with mobile app design according to your brand.

We highly recommend that you set up an appointment with our hotel app development experts. We will help you understand and create a custom approach to having an app for your hotel. Talk to us today! 

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