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Hardware Integration With Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps have opened unimaginable access to the whole new universe of integrated hardware. Internet of  Things is not a concept anymore, it’s a reality banging on our doors. Hardware integration with mobile apps help you become agile and make the hardware accessible to you remotely. Our expert mobile app strategist can help you build the right strategy to build a mobile app interface for your hardware. The industry that we are currently focusing on are :-

1: Warehouse & Logistics

2: Surveillance Systems

3: Industrial Hardware

4: Home Appliances

5: Medical Equipment & More

We have built our on architecture which includes using BLE PCB, Client-Server etc methods to collect data to transmit to the mobile terminal. With our hardware engineers on board it becomes easier for us to understand the nuts and bolts of the system and build a definitive strategy for building robust apps that works closely with the hardware.

Our approach is simple, along with you we first draw all the data sets that you want to pickup from the hardware and then either readily consume the data on the mobile phone. Based on the business logic we can also build a flexible backend system where the data can be pushed to the server and be used in various like providing dashboard to the user etc. Once that is done then it becomes easier to have your iPhone/Android/Windows App to have either control or access to the hardware. To make the process easier we normally ask you to send you the hardware and we build a small PoC and showcase the possibility of achieving the desired results. So, a 2 week pilot will iron out all the doubts of the feasibility of the system and will be beneficial for future course of action.

We will be happy to organize a strategy session with our technical experts.If you have any requirement for hardware integration with mobile apps then please do get in touch. Click here to reach us to know more about how to mobile enable your hardware.

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