Mobile App Marketing: Facebook App Marketing

Facebook App Marketing

There are various ways to market your app on Facebook. But let’s start with the bare essentials of the Facebook App Marketing. For the ease of understanding we are dividing it into two sections:-

On App: The steps that you need to take on the mobile app to make the best use of the Facebook platform. Some of them are:-

1: Linking: Link to your business or app facebook page from wherever it is possible inside the app.

2: Share It: If your app displays, products, articles, posts etc and you have no issues making them public. Then make sure you attach “share it on Facebook” link wherever possible. This will help you in spreading a word about your app.

3: Reward them: You can also attach some sort of reward mechanism ( get 10 points to share this with your friend on facebook sort) for users to encourage sharing. This concept depends on your app but if implemented this works really well. This is based on Gamification concept.

There are many other interesting ways to integrate your app with facebook which we will try addressing in some other posts later. Now, lets look at the On Facebook app marketing techniques:-

On Facebook: There is a lot that you can do with Facebook to market your app. Especially with there new advertisement tool which has improvised a lot and is now leveraged to use Instagram as well. Top 5 ways you can market your app on Facebook are:-

1: Identity: Establish your app identity on Facebook. Create a beautiful looking business page (not an app page) with complete details. There are many tutorials available out there which can help you achieve this. You can also see the facebook guide on how to create a facebook page.

2: App Page: This page is all about your app. The app screenshots to write-ups about the app. Section for people to leave reviews etc. Make sure that you provide direct links for people to download the app from ( and make sure you use some sort of analytics to track the downloads ). Please make sure that you keep this page updated and alive.

3: Facebook Ads: The Facebook ads is recommended to those who are willing to invest decently and are in a hurry to create traction in the market. You can read all about Facebook ads over here.

4: Facebook App Installs: Facebook through there advert tools provide the facility to help you get direct installs of the app on to your target users. You can go through the complete guide over here.

5: Engagement: The reason social networks exist is engagement. Create such content that inspires people to react, comment, or share it with other people on the platform. Nothing can spread the words faster about your app other then a simple and humble share. So create content that people like to share.

There are other aspects to Facebook app marketing but we would like to go in detail later as we would like to cover all possible aspects of Mobile  App Marketing. We will update this post in future for sure.

Tip: You can target people using your competitor’s apps through Facebook Ads. But be careful while creating ads as to not infringe your competitor’s intellectual property. Remember all the content that you create should be aligned with your app landing pages and app store optimisation efforts.   

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