Estimation: Stage 2 of Mobile App Development Process

Guide to Mobile App Development Process: Stage 2, Estimation

Finding how much it will cost you to develop your app.

We assume that you have crossed the stage 1 of mobile app development process and now you are ready with a neat document/RFP which you can broadcast to the developers that you have short-listed. When you are initiating a dialogue with the developers it’s important that you take care of the following things:-

  1. Send a NDA and get it signed by them.
  2. Mention the last date of submitting the proposal after they receive RFP.
  3. Ask for some similar apps developed by them.
  4. Ask them to list the complex features separately.
  5. Ask them to propose some additional features.

Now, the final day comes and everybody has submitted the proposal. Its time to shortlist the right developer but how do you go about it? It becomes simple at this stage because based on the information you requested you will see the most suitable developers clearly. Still, here are some of the points you must consider before short-listing the developer :-

Was the proposal complete as per the afore mentioned 5 points.

  1. Are you impressed with their reference app?
  2. Is the cost around your budget?
  3. Does the time line suits you?
  4. Did they bring any new insights to the concept?
  5. Do you approve of their communication skills?
  6. Is the payment plan flexible?

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Do List
+ Keep the developer list within 10.
+ Do follow the 7 point criteria for short-listing the developer.
+ Do inform the non-shortlisted developers immediately.
+ Do talk to the short-listed developer at least once before finalizing.

Don’t List
– Don’t accept incomplete proposals.
– Don’t base your decision solely on price.


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