eBook: Mobile App Development Process

Mobile App Development Process: A step by step guide to success.

For mobile app development process,  as per our last post on mobile app development life cycle, we are ready with a step by step guide to understand mobile app development process. We have made this eBook to help non-technical people understand what is the right development process and what it takes to get your app strategy right the first time. We have divided the entire process into 7 stages in this eBook. This will help you gain better control of the entire process and will help you avoid any pitfalls. Also, in our approach we have ensured that it helps non-technical people build a do’s/don’ts list for each respective stage. This book now has 7000 + fan following on Linkedin and Slideshare. We are now inviting contributors so that we can collectively enhance this valuable eBook. If you are interested then please do get in touch with us.  So, here we are, you can download this copy and distribute it freely.

eBook: Understanding Mobile App Development Life Cycle from MobileAppz India