Discovery: Stage 1 of Mobile App Development Process

Guide to Mobile App Development Process: Stage 1, Discovery

Gathering mobile app requirement and drawing a rough feature list

This stage is the most crucial stage of the mobile app development process of the app that you are planning to change
the world with. But before you move mountains you need to have a detailed plan and have answers to question like what? how? when? . So before you engage the developer have these things ready :-

Put the answers to above questions in a document neatly and go through it once more and see if you can refine it before blasting it to the prospective developers. So, these 6 points become your entry point and will provide enough information for a developer to understand the concept. But before you go to the developers we suggest you do following things:-

1) Build a small group of friends, colleagues or experts who understand the domain. See, this group as critiques or future users. This group will eventually help you test the app or give constructive ideas.

2) Do spend very good time on various mobile app stores to see if you can take inspiration from other apps. Build a list of the apps you like and build a brief writeup of why you like it. This will help your development team understand your vision clearly.

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Do List
+ Develop a detailed document as per the 6 points mentioned.
+ Do spend good time on iStore or Google Play to see similar apps.
+ Try bouncing idea with a group of people as discussed.
+ Go back to your RFP and refine it based on new insights.
Don’t List
– Don’t go to the developers with incomplete information.
– Don’t share the document without signing the NDA.
– Don’t get bogged down by the documentation. It’s the key. 🙂


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