Development: Stage 5 of Mobile App Development Process

Guide to Mobile App Development Process: Stage 5, Development

Building the app, putting the code together.

After designing the app  which is the Stage 4 of mobile app development process, development is the most time taking stage.

If you have spent good time on getting the desired result at earlier stages then
this will be a breeze for you. Development process is a stage which can be
easily monitored because you have set clear milestones and deliverable. Still,
here are some points you should keep in mind:-

1) Revisit the schedule and see if design had any implications on it.
2) Expect atleast one or two builds per week from the developers.
3) Give them feedback in a written format and get on a call after that.
4) After every feedback keep asking if there is any change in schedule.
5) Keep each build in a separate folder with dates clearly mentioned.
6) Keep the feedback for a particular build in the respective folder.
7) Keep a weekly meeting with the developers.

If you keep a tight vigil on the progress of the project according to the above
mentioned points you will have an Alpha app which works but before moving
to the next stage, ensure you have cross checked following things:-

1) All features are incorporated as planned?
2) Design is implemented as per the plan?
3) Is the user group happy with alpha version of the app?

From this stage you will move to the Quality Assurance stage where the app
will be tested rigorously. Be ready to miss your weekend parties, your
developers will need you more then ever now. 🙂

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Do List
+ Cross check feature list implementation.
+ Check user behavior scenarios.
+ Keep checking the schedule. 10-15% variation is acceptable.
+ Always give feedback in written format.
Don’t List
– Don’t panic, and expect everything to work in first few builds.
– Don’t worry about few crashes that will be fixed in the next stage
but keeping a record and informing the developer on time is a good


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