Design: Stage 4 of Mobile App Development Process

Guide to Mobile App Development Process: Stage 4, Design

Focusing on the UI/UX : Creating wire-frames, mock-ups and design.

After signing the contract  which is the Stage 3 of mobile app development process, design is the most . This stage will define how your app will actually look like. This stage will make or break your app. You have a choice here, either to get the app designed by an external designer or rely on the designer of your developer company. Either way here is a guide to get it right:-
1) First thing first get a wire-frame done.
2) Cross check if the wire-frame comprises of all the features that you want.
3) Post wire-frame approval get the actual app designed.
4) Check the navigation flow of the app.

Going through the above process you will have the app design with you. It’s the time to follow these points to ensure that you are on the right track :-

1) Share the design with the user group that you created.
2) Take there feedback and get that incorporated.
3) Benchmark it with the app that you short-listed earlier.
4) Also, see how the app icon will look like.
5) Discuss the app behavior on different screen sizes with the designer.
Freezing the design is very important, leaving any open ended items will later disturb your time line and cost.

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Do List
+ Check if all the features are retained in the wire-frame & design.
+ Design should address the various screen sizes.
+ Freeze the design.
Don’t List
– Don’t go to a designer before approving the wire-frames.
– Don’t copy, take inspiration from other apps but be original. 🙂


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