Cross Platform App Vs Native App

Cross Platform App VS Native App

This is an endless debate about cross platform app vs native app but to start with according to Fred Cavazza from Forbes, he has tried to offer more then two options (Web Vs. Native)
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So, now the question arise which one is right for you? Well, it all depends on the nature of your application. If your applications use the hardware features like gyroscope or excessively communicate with any other hardware-centric features then it is advisable to have a native app. Also, though i can be hooted down for this but the user experience of a web app can never be as good as the native app.

If your app is basically playing around with some sort of data coming through a API then it is best advised to build a cross platform app. Like this there are various ways to identify what is best suited for your app idea.

Update in 2017

The debate is still on but somewhat settled and the lines are not as blurry as it was in 2012. The cross-platform software tools have definitely improvised a lot over a period of time.