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Time and again it has been proven that cost and quality of apps development India is always on the higher side. With reports after a report, this fact has strengthened.

India has come out emerging year after year on the top in terms of the favored destination for apps development. Apps development India is trending and currently having the major chunk of the market in terms of volume. This article will help businesses and individuals planning to outsource mobile app development to India.

Mobile app development cost  comprises of various factors such as : –

1: Wireframe & Prototyping: Defining the structure of the mobile app by capturing user journeys.

2: Mobile app design & Branding: Converting the wireframe into a domain-centric design language.   

3: App Development: Developing apps for various platforms like iOS, Android or web. 

4: Testing: Thorough testing of the apps before deploying it to the market.

apps development india

This statistic shows the median amount charged by mobile development companies worldwide to develop applications for the three major platforms, as well as cross-platform development, as of 2015. As of that time, Indonesia provided the cheapest mobile development charges of the countries surveyed, able to develop mobile applications for the Windows platform at a rate of 14 U.S. dollars an hour. The growth of mobile development studios in Singapore and Indonesia is linked to smartphone adoption in those countries.

Why should you outsource mobile app development to India? 

Need for Expertise

App development involves a variety of aspects such as subject matter expertise, industry knowledge, user behavior and technical aspects in multiple scenarios. IAlso the app development ecosystem is very dynamic. The technology changes at a rapid pace and if you develop apps in house it’s going to be a massive learning curve and a deep hole in the pocket in the longer run.

Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is an important step in ensuring the success of your app. Either you should hire a research agency or work with a developer who has worked within your industry. This will help you reduce friction in communication and also


From the monetary perspective, it’s a wise decision to hire an agency and execute your mobile app development project. Reason being the higher cost of hiring and retaining app developers. However, we strongly recommend having a technically fit product manager aware of app development processes etc. This will help you with ease of communication and will get your project delivered on time.


It is impossible to keep a team in-house and maintain your app. When we say impossible we are referring to the personal cost, retention rate, technology upgrade etc. Unless you are working on a large budget it is advised to outsource mobile app maintenance.

If you are interested to know more about the process of mobile apps development then download this ebook Or, set up a free mobile app session with our team to help you with your next project.

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