2013: The year of Phablets

2013: The year of supersize phones or Phablets.

Tablets are no more just entertainment devices, we are sure when we will look back at 2013 we will declare it as the year of tablet & phablets clearly. I know, its just the start of the year and predictions are dime a dozen but what we are talking about, is already becoming a reality faster then we think. Lets look at some statistics :-

1) Phablets market is slated to quadruple in value to $135 billion in next 3 years.

2) Gadgets with screen size 5″ or bigger will see a 9 fold increase to 228 million in the same period.

3) Asia-Pacific region will remain the biggest market.

4) LTE 4G network rollout will further boost the usage of such devices.

5) Manufactures: Samsung leading the pack, LG, ZTE, DELL & more

Source: Reuters

What do i do with this information?

Prepare! Don’t even think of keeping Android out of your plans, most of phablets run on it. If you are planning to roll out some interesting app titles this year ensure that you make your app compatible with the large screen of phablets. For example, if you are targeting Samsung Note device then look at this complete guide for making your app compatible with it.

Keeping in my mind the LTE 4G network global rollout, you can plan your app with richer content for your users. We also see there will be surge in the adoption of phablets by businesses who wants a device with a large screen but not a tablet.

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